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A Woman Reveals How She Makes Sh 12 Million Working Online

A woman by the name Erin Morris have revealed how she makes sh 12 million working online. According to her she left her job as paramedic to pursue other job opportunities. She later resorted to become an online virtual assistant.

Erin did an online course which helped her gain skills on his online profession which included typewriting for different clients. Erin was trying to secure an ideal remote job opportunities while she was blogging and travelling across the world. She initially worked in Switzerland as ski instructor after she quit her paramedic job.

Erin explained to a business insider that initially she did not understand what personal assistant was. She said that she thought it was just assisting someone in his office. However after she researched about the profession she realized it meant many things.

Erin currently does virtual assistant and typewriting . She said that when she started she was earning sh 183,000 a month but now she earns sh 12 million a month. Erin revealed when she started, she was charging sh 24,000 per hour and sh 3,400 per hour for any work she did overtime.

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