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EPRA Announces Mass Recruitment All Over the Country, Here Is How To Apply For Any of These Position

The Energy and Petroleum Authority has revealed that it is looking for several workers to serve it in different categories where some will be employed permanently while others will get a 5 year contract that will only end after one has lasted five years on the job.

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According to the reports given by a reliable source of information, it has been revealed that people who are willing to sign up for the job should follow several steps before getting it. Below are some of the most important procedures one should follow to get any of these jobs.

This is happening at the same time when the deputy president of Kenya, honorable William Ruto has called upon kenyans to vote for him promising to create 1 million jobs.

While reacting to this incident, kenyans who took to their different social media accounts to express their opinions and suggestions on the matter have called upon the government to consider creating more job opportunities for the unemployed kenyans in order to reduce the increasing number of unemployed Youths in the country.

According to the reports given by most Kenyans, they claimed that it was so unfortunate that the government is yet to do something about the increasing cost of living in the country despite the fact that Alot of people are currently suffering in attempts to make ends meet on a daily basis.

For most Kenyans, they claimed that one of the main reasons why there is an increase in crime all over the country is due to the fact that Alot of people are currently Roaming free without jobs despite the fact that most of them have different qualifications and skills.

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