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Radio Africa Group Announces Mass Firing Of Employees As Well Salary Reduction To Remnants

It seems to be tough times to media stations as we continue witnessing firing of journalists among other workers at various work station. The recent one is that of Radio Africa Group which has announced mass firing of workers as well as salary reduction to those who will remain serving at the stations. This is as per revealed from copies of Internal memorandums from CEO Mary-Ann Musangi.

According to the memos, it is clear that it is clear that the company has been Forced to make changes in their business model in order to maintain a competitive company.

It was added that in 2020, the company resorted to salary reduction of its employees so as to ensure that no one was left out without a job. However, in April 2022, the salary was fully reinstated.

In November, the company experienced a slump on revenue. They requested employees to consent over salary reduction. However, out of the 112 staff members, only seven proposed the Reduction.

Since the percentage is not in accordance to the employment act, the company is planning on making changes.


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