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How To Start a Side Hustle Without Quitting Your Job.

By Consolata Lukayu

If you're leaving for a boost in side income,l have got good news, and it coming the form of 9 ways to make extra cash without quitting on your main salary.

From selling of stock photos to watching movie previews, here's a round up of quick ways to boost your bottom line;

1• Sell unused gift cards for cash.ln your wallet, purses and desk drawers, and there's a good chance you'll find a few forgotten gift cards lying a round.

You even received some as holiday gifts that you know you won't use,or you'd simply rather have cold,hard cash instead.You can sell your gifts cards for an amount that can keep you going as you wait for your salary.

2•Look if any unclaimed money belongs to you_When people leave money behind with financial institutions for or companies,t government keeps it in an unclaimed property program for each state or locality.

There are millions of unclaimed money out there,so its a good idea to search periodically under your own name and those of your family members.

3• Sell your photos

Sell your photos on websites like shutterstock,istock,getty images and adobe stoc, you can apply to become a contributor,list your photos for sale and make a profit each time someone licenses a shot.

4• Pick up a side gig driving_Consider driving people to and from their destinations around your city with a rider share app.lts a delivery service that connects people who want to ship items with drivers who are already on that route.

This idea is to turn your unused vehicle space into cash.

5• Watching kids or pets_If you're good with children, consider picking up a regular nannying job a few baby sitting gigs whenever you're free.

6• Sell out your cloth that you no longer wear.Do a closet deep clean and sell your finds.You can sell it online.There are platforms that allows sellers to set their own prices, work for everything else.

7• Rent out your car_ If you've got a spare vehicle sitting around leverage it as a way to make extra cash using platforms.The platforms sets your car's rental price using market value, location, time of the year and also after per trip insurance and allows you to set your own rate.

8•Re_look at your current job_Most people start a side hustle, get excited, ignore their main income stream,then end up with one source a gain.Commit to never ignoring your primary income source.With several income streams, you can build true wealth.

9•Buy an existing profitable business_Consider buying an existing business. It's much easier to build on a proven business model with incremental enhancements than creating something from nothing.

With an already successful business, you can focus on financing the deal and delegate roles to grow the business further.

Finally, consider your passion and time.Find something you're excited about and don't mind spending time on lf your Side hustle is something you enjoy, you may just turn your side hustle into a full time hustle, thanks.

Content created and supplied by: Consylukayu (via Opera News )


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