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College Education


Courses That Prepares You For Self Employment

1. Medicine and Health Related Courses. It comprises of medicine and surgery, pharmacy, clinical medicine, nursing, laboratory technology and dentistry. Once one has been licensed they can establish their own clinic or private hospital as most patient prefer them to public hospitals.

2. Engineering Courses. Despite that it is a tough course it comes with high pay and prestige. Those who pursue mechanical and electrical engineering have a higher probability to become self employed. For instance one who graduates with a degree in electrical engineering can offer wiring services in various buildings.

3. Architectural Related Courses. They are in high demand due to the increase in the number of real estate industry in the country. Their main role is to design and construct cities and homes.

4. Education Courses. Upon graduation one has acquired sufficient skills for starting and managing a school. One can also offer online classes or be a home lesson teacher.

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