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Opinion: What Exactly One Should Do After College

Most undergraduate students don't know what to do after they graduate as well most post graduates are yet to find a jobs.

This has come to attention because most youths are not employed currently in Kenya. Due to research most post graduate students are learned with certificates from decent colleges and universities but they can't afford to get due to state of the country. No jobs and if there are jobs, the lucky ones that can afford them is either they had connections, they offered favours or they tried their luck till the deal came through and the least are those that worked really hard to earn a job.

My advice to young Kenyans is to join TVET colleges and polytechnics learn something of their own. A graduate from a college or a polytechnic is someone that is well trained and he is equipped with skills that can enable him find something to do even if it won't be decent. But at least they won't be starving.

With training from colleges and polytechnics youths are able to come up with businesses that can enable them employ other people thus creating more job opportunities.

I would like to urge my fellow youths that it's time to starting applying intellectual knowledge more than physical knowledge. It's time to think, it's time to surface the overlooked ideas, it's time to move from your comfort zone. Like the saying goes don't be too comfortable being comfortable.

The period between the time you finish your college level and finding a job of your career or something to keep you occupied is underrated. This is the time that define people. The time that weights people and puts them where they belong. In the case one might be drugged to a point they never thought of. And this is why one should be really careful about what will happen to them during this period.

This period might be the best part of your life or the worst because the decisions made here impact everything you've ever worked for either positively or negatively. Here there are decisions to make and it needs time to be taken properly. It ain't a waste of time to take your time in order to make a wise decision. Because this is something you will celebrate when the time comes.

Remember to put God first. He has been there for you since you were born up to where you are today. He knows your tomorrow because he has already been there. While making this most important decisions in your life ask for His guidance.

Thank you for reading this, I'd love to hear your opinions.

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