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7 Crucial Mistakes Made When Writing A CV That Will Kill Your Job Application And How To Avoid Them.

Curriculum Vitae is a very important document when it comes to job searching.It is the first impression to employers.Therefore, any mistakes will make you look unprofessional or unsuitable for the job you are applying for.This will reduce your chance of getting call backs,job interviews or job offers. Here are some of the common mistakes in CVs and how to avoid them.

1.Failing to do research.

No research means you have no basis on what to put in your CV.This may cost you a job offer.It is advisable to do thorough research and build up a picture for the job you are going for to get a good understanding.

2.Poor readability.

Make your CV easy to read.Structure it well,have the correct sections and break your paragraphs and texts.

3.Ridiculous emails.

Some emails have ridiculous names and this may give the employer a wrong impression of you.Therefore make your email as professional as possible.

4.Not proving impact.

Most people only write their achievements thus failing to cite the impact they made.Make sure to state the impact you made and try to use numbers to state this.

5.CV cliches.

This are common things that people write in their cvs,for example I'm hardworking and a team player.Give examples rather that just stating.

6.CV too long.

Long cvs make it impossible for employers to read to the end since most of them are busy.Make your CV short and very precise.Only include the most important information and make it two pages or less.

7.Complicated design.

This destructs the employer while reading your CV.Make it simple and easy to read.

Content created and supplied by: Glowiejo (via Opera News )

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