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Some Of The Underrated Hustles In Kenya

There are hustles in Kenya that have been looked down at yet have proven to earn you good money. These Hustles include;

1. Boda Boda Business

The boda boda business has proven to be a convenient means in running errands in a short period of time. It is most prevalent in rural areas where the roads age not sophisticated and developed. The boda boda business has expanded nowadays from ferrying people to making deliveries of good for individuals to large companies.

Business daily recorded sometime back that boda boda business has employed most youths in Kenya and the business could earn an individual an average of ksh.1000 per day which could be more depending on the area and nature of business you do.

2. Mama mboga (Grocers)and the cereal business

The mama mboga and cereal sellers may not be making thousands of money everyday but this hustle sure makes a business. This is one of the businesses that even amid Covid-19 they were able to persist because even with lockdown and all, people still needed food. Most people did home deliveries to their known customers. The grocery and cereal business might be one of the businesses that are not really revered but they sure make good money with proper management ofcourse

3. Low income housing

The rapid urbanization has led to increased demand of affordable housing by middle to low income earners.

Most investors in the urban areas have heavily invested on other real estate investments like high end homes and commercial spaces shying away from low cost housing which could actually earn more. This is one investment that has not been really explored

4. Mtumba

According to Reuters report, mutumba business is one of the most profitable businesses in Kenya. However, most people shy away from this business thinking that the market is saturated. The problem with this market, people venture into Mutumba with an expectation to earn millions of money from the word go, just like any other business, mutumba is about taking risks, one time you take a stock that will not sell well the next time you sell and that's the way to go.

Nowadays most people have opted to even sell their products online which has really grown especially at the time when Covid-19 hit the country to date which actually is brilliant.

If you are looking for a business to venture into, this could be one area to consider.

6. Office food delivery

Many people want easy access to food when they are working or when they are too busy. Therefore, considering such a hustle could really be great depending on the places and the kind of service you're delivering, this could really earn you a huge amount of cash.

7. Cleaning and garbage collection

Cleaning and garbage collection is on hustle that has been given enough recognition. This hustle could be as simple as making an arrangement with landlords in different estates or rental houses to collect garbage from the tenants at a fee or in the public places.

8. Hawking eggs and smokes

One thing that is for sure, most Kenyans love smokies and boiled eggs.

For this business, you will need capital, less than Ksh. 10,000. You can source your smokies, from the nearest Farmer’s choice Shop or a supermarket where a packet of smokies, containing 22 pieces goes for Ksh. 330. As for the eggs, you can get supplies from your nearest shop or source from friends, where normally a tray goes for Ksh. 330 or Ksh. 300, depending on your supplier.

You will also need a place to prepare the smokies and boiled eggs and finally the cart used to ferry the products as you hawk them which really is affordable. This business if you make a good sell can earn you a good profit. You also should ha e your business in a strategic locations. Areas near institutions and market places could do so well

9. Mama fua

Many people nowadays do not see the need of having domestic workers at their space because of privacy. They opt for the mama fua when they need their laundry done and this hustle could actually earn you a great deal of money all that is required is showing up and your efforts. Depending of the amount of clothes to be cleaned, mama fua can up approximately ksh. 250 to even ksh.500 per household.

Some other hustles that you could consider include, fishmonger business, selling products online and hair salon and Barber shops business. These are just but examples of Underrated hustles that could really earn you some extra cash.

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