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How to budget a salary of less than ksh 30000

Many working class people earn salaries Les than 30k in Kenya.Getting employed is becoming tricky hence one cannot turn down a job which pays as much as 30k.

It is always difficult to balance between the salary and expenditure.With the rapid rise in economy and cost of living,many people find themselves overspending.

Saving is also a very key problem for people who earn a small amount of income.We look at the possible ways of maximizing your 30 k salary.


There is always the temptation to overspend on junk foods when one earns their salary.Paying a visit to the butcher once in a while is not bad.Try to spend a maximum of ksh 4000 per month on food.


Try as much as possible to travel when the fare is low.For instance avoid late travels as the fare is always hacked.You should spend a maximum of ksh 5000 on fare.

Personal expenses

This is the money you spend on your own.This include money spent on maintaining your clothing or even going for a hike with friends.The amount should not exceed ksh 7000.

Try to save

After spending on all the necessities make sure that you save something at the end of the month.3000 ksh monthly is a good amount to save in a debit card or anywhere else you prefer.

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