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Woman Explains Why She Loves Saudi Arabia Unlike Many and How She Survives When Working There

It is said that one man's meat is another man's poison.Poline Mbugua, suprises many with her story.

Poline is a brave and strong woman who has always fought for her rights not minding who she is against as long as they pass her limits.She was married with two kids and when life became unbearable, they say and agreed on how to better their lives.The husband allowed her to travel to Saudi Arabia and she took her kids to her parents.

On arrival, life wasn't easy for her but she had to adapt.However, with her bravery,no one dared close her paths.Though fearless,Poline does her work perfectly the best way she knows how.She has worked in Saudi Arabia more than six years on a two year contract before returning there."I so much love Saudi Arabia,I just feel so good and comfortable while working there,"she says in an interview with Monica Kagoni.

Poline notes that in the Arab countries,the employee shows the employer how they shall handle things and if not careful,one would go through hell in those countries.She encourages people to focus on what took them to those countries in order to avoid trouble.

She further thanks her parents for supporting her to grow by investing whatever she sends.Poline also thanks God that such countries exist because they help many to meet their needs.

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