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Netizens Give Testimony Of Shortest Period Ever Employed And Why.

A hotel waiter

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Employment is one of the revered moments for everyone in the world since it enables one to tend for themselves and take care of those around them.One of the problems facing third world countries today is unemployment.This impacts negatively to the society since people will engage in societal vices like robbery, theft, prostitution, corruption etc.

A bar attendant

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Today on a Facebook wall netizens decided to open up on why their employment lasted shortly.Screenshots below 👇 shows reactions for some of them etc.

Netizens reacted funnily like;

Belinda nyagol Says she was employed in an Indian shop and stayed there for only one week 🤣🤣 while Everlyn says She attended training for three days and vanished during lunch break never to be seen again.

It's evident from the above screen shots that, despite the fact that you have landed an email employment opportunity,it can't be a guarantee of you persevering in some hostile environments.

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Belinda Indian


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