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5 Tricks to Help You Look More Confident

How confident would you say you are? Confidence is incredibly an important skill because research tells us that at work people who come out as more confident are also perceived to be more confident. The thing with confidence is not just how you feel, actually a really large part of it is how you look and how you appear to others.The Soft Skill “Self-Confidence”: Why Encouraging Your Employees is Vital -  Bookboon

Confidence is a skill that can be learnt, it increases productivity and encourages risk taking essential to career advancement. So, lets dive to the 5 effortlessly tricks to exude self confidence that you can use every day.

1.      Smile More

Studies have shown that smiling can make you happy and immediately uplift your mood. Smiling not only makes your voice more pleasant to listen to but also conveys confidence. You will appear friendly, approachable and composed.Roman Atwood - Age, Bio, Birthday, Family, Net Worth | National Today

2.      Posture

When you are feeling insecure your body naturally takes a position of low power, you feel like shrinking and your body does too. So, the first tip which is always give but worth repeating is to make sure that you have a tall and powerful posture.

3.      Speak Slowly and Clearly

4 Ways to Stop Mumbling and Speak Clearly - wikiHowWhen you speak fast, this reflects nerves, feeling of insecurity and sometimes lack of self-control. So, speaking in a related and composed way and strategically using poses appropriately makes people see you as confident and can actually keep up with what you are saying.

4.      Walk with Confidence

Studies shows that walking faster leads to a perception of higher status. Striding with slightly longer steps shows that you are purposeful and you know where you are going which does project confidence.

5.      Eye Contact

Essential For Your Next Job Interview – The Art of Maintaining Eye ContactAccording to Lilian Glass, a body expert, argues that strong eye contact is the single greatest indicator of confidence. Moreover, appropriate eye contact can make you appear more attractive, more likeable, more attentive, trustworthy and memorable

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