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How to Enjoy your career from ' I don't love my job'

Pursuing a career that is in line with your interest or rather based on what you did further your education for , is the best thing that can ever happen to oneself. Often times, are when you get a job that is not based on your interests which may have been driven by several factors which includes:

* Circumstances and at some point societal pressure that you need to be working after your higher level education.

* If you pursue a course that was recommended by the family members and not what as a person ever wanted. You may even have a good job with a decorated job title but since it was never part of what you wanted, end up not enjoying the field.

This factors may result to negative impacts at work, which may not reflect to well at the final report. This are:

* Low productivity

* Poor quality services offered to the clients.

* Emotional meltdown

* Physical drain, where you always feel like never ready for the day.

There are several things that you can incorporate in current job and have a chance of enjoying the field of work.

* Are you good at teamwork? Make sure that you're a good team player and always be part of team building innovatives. They greatly help in work places and career growth.

* Accepting who you are that that particular time.

This helps fit in and get a chance to gain experience, and also work towards the position you aspire.

* Appreciate what you're doing.

If you find yourself in the category of family courses, appreciate that you have the chance to be there and put more effort. Gather yourself towards that career that you already have at hand; As you work towards what personal interest may be.

* Short relatable courses.

It happens that after college you got a job in a different field, away from your interest plan and the job becomes part of you. It's advisable to do short or crash course programs that match current job. This will suddenly change the job environment. Because you're now able to fit in the right way.

* Don't compare yourself with others.

It's important to not compare your job with your friends, family members or other workmates. In an organisation, people are with different achievements, different field of studies, different levels of experience and also varying employer qualifications. Constant comparisons may lead to demotivation and end up not enjoying your work.

* Avoid work related emotional transfers.

like anger or getting bored with work

E.g As a normal human being, it happens that at times someone may step on your lane or rather work related pressure. When running day, avoid carrying forward the work related issues to your friends, other members of staff, family. Reason being you may end up without any assistance at work or lonely in social life, where people relate you and work in a negative way making you not enjoy your work.

*And finally just enjoy your job and fall in love with it. It's that simply said.

You can always use the above mentioned plans and save your career, develope the career and also have good results and reports at the end of the day.

Stay Safe!

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