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4 Careers That Are Deemed To Be Stressful

1. Police officer. Their main role is to maintain law and order in the country. One has to put their life on line as you never know what to expect to deal with in any particular shift.

2. Teacher. They play a crucial role of shaping the minds of young people for a better future. Some have even gone extra mile by working outside school hours to ensure their students perform well in national exams. Their is always stress in dealing with children everyday.

3. Newspaper reporter. This job has long and unpredictable hours. One might end up working all day on a story or getting called in the middle of night to cover a particular event like an accident.

4. Registered nurse. When you are in the hospital you will hardly meet the doctor, and in most cases nurses are the one who you rely for most of the things. They form a link between doctors and patients.

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