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You Can Easily Get Your Dream Job Through Networking Than Academic Papers, Businessman Tell Kenyans

Kenyans, particularly job seekers, have been advised to focus on networking as much as they search for their dream jobs.

According to businessman cum politician Alinur Mohamed, networking can earn one a job as compared to his or her academic papers.

The businessman has advised job seeks to make use of all the networking opportunities they get every time.

According to him, by creating a wide network, one stands a chance of going to better places as compared to where his or her academic certificate cannot.

"Invest in Networking. Make sure you network every time you meet a new person and every time you find yourself in a new environment.

"Networking can take you to places education and talent can not. You can easily get your dream job through networking than through your academic papers," he tweeted

It is believed that many graduates are jobless because they lack the crucial networks needed for one to get employed.

Creating a network involves going out to meet new people, attending business meetings and changing contacts with possible employers.

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Alinur Mohamed


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