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I Won My Employer's Trust in Saudi Arabia, Every Weekend I Did This, to His Children- Miriam

Kenya inked bilateral agreements with Saudi Arabia for a conducive working environment for Kenyans. This could attract more investments in the country and open mor e employment opportunities for not only domestic workers but also professional ones.

In a statement, Foreign Affairs CS Alfred Mutua said there could be more opportunities apart from domestic work. He urged Kenyans who have done professional courses to ready themselves for the professional market in Saudi Arabia.

Miriam a mother of three left Kenya knowing that her work was to be a cleaner in Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, upon reaching Saudi Arabia Miriam worked as a house maid.

Mirriam was born in Eastleigh. Her family lived in Eastleigh and so she grew up in the urban center. Mirriam narrated that her life growing up in Nairobi was not easy and so she decided to get married. A few years later her marriage life hit a rock and so Miriam separated from her husband. With the burden of two children, Mirriam decided to try her luck in Saudi Arabia.

Through a friend, Miriam was connected to a good agent who processed all her documents without paying anything. At first, the agent told Miriam that her job was to clean the hospital. All her documents including her passport indicated that her job was to be a cleaner.

Luckily the day to relocate to Saudi Arabia and Miriam left with other Kenyans who were to work as a house help. Upon arriving in Saudi Arabia, Miriam and other Kenyans were taken to a room where they could stay awaiting their sponsors to pick them up. When her turn came she was called by her employer who by he told her that she was to work as a house help.

Miriam convinced him that her job entailed cleaning where he even showed the documents but her boss never listened. To her surprise, her agent had lied to her about being employed as a cleaner. Luckily Mirriam decided to work as a house help because she couldn't come back to Kenya and she also needed money to take care of her children.

Mirriam worked for a rich family where they lived in a big house. The family welcomed her well and after eating she was taken for a house tour. Her work entailed doing all the house chores. Being a hardworking woman she did her work diligently, and her boss loved her hard work.

One day the boss of the house got interested in her. Miriam claimed that at one time while she was doing her chores in the kitchen her boss spanked her back. Miriam never had an interest in him and so she warned him about the behavior. "My good-shaped figure enticed my boss," Mirriam narrated.

On one occasion her boss removed all the CCTV cameras in the kitchen and the sitting room. While Mirriam was cleaning the sitting room her boss came again and he still spanked her back. To avoid inconvenience Mirriam still told her boss about the behavior. She even told him that her job entailed working in the house not doing other things.

The boss became furious because Mirriam had refused his offer and he decided to overwork her. The boss told Mirriam that she had to work in the other two houses upon finishing the main house. Every day she had scheduled for each house where by there was no increase in salary. Months later the job became tiresome where by Mirriam got sick due to lack of sleep.

One day she confronted her boss about returning her to the office to get another job because they were overworking her. Her boss listened and Mirriam worked in her employer's house. To win the trust of her boss Mirriam decided to do the unthinkable;

During the weekends other family members came to her employer's home to celebrate and have a good time. And because their children never knew how to talk in English, Miriam decided to teach them English where they paid her some money. Her boss was happy due to her great idea.

Also for the small girls, she could make their hair in different styles where they looked fabulous. At one time they were out for evening parties and when other families saw how smart the children looked, they congratulated Mirriam for her good work. She was still paid extra money for the service.

During her interview with Murari TV, she stated that her food was in plenty in the house and also she slept in a good place. At one time Mirriam narrated that her boss was traveling to Yemen for a holiday trip and so they also carried her with them.

After one year and eight months, Mirriam came back to Kenya because she missed her family so much. Mirriam urges the agents to be truthful in their work because like her she had been told she could work as a cleaner. Miriam also urges ladies working in Saudi Arabia to respect their bosses no matter their age, be disciplined and be hardworking.

And if one is facing mistreatment in a certain house it's good to call the agent and discuss the issue with them other than running away from your employer which is risky being in a foreign country.

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