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Three Well Paying Jobs that Kenyan Men Have Been Turning Down by Considering them Womanly

Toxic masculinity brought about by cultural stereotypes are one of the factors that has minimised chances of young men being successful in Kenya. The poor mindset of what men should and should not do has downgraded men psychologically and even economically. Here are a list of profitable businesses and careers that several Kenyan young men have abandon on ground that they are feminine.

1. M-PESA and Mobile Transfer Shops

M-PESA and other mobile money and bank agent agencies are super big businesses, but you'll rarely find men working in these shops. Why? This business had jokingly been stereotyped as a feminine job. All started as a memes but unfortunately, men working in M-PESA shop today are judged as lazy by other men and even women.

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2. Nursing

Several men in Kenya and largely in Africa consider nursing a feminine career. This can be witnessed even in KMTCs (Kenya Medical Training Colleges). In close to all branches of KMTC you'll find even only two or three men in a class of more than twenty students. Men end up staying jobless because they regarded nursing as a ladylike job.

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3. Secretary

In most cases and in many offices, you'll find that almost 90% of secretaries and receptionists are women. The reason is not because the offices only need female candidates for the post, but men just decide not to consider secretary or receptionist posts. Why? Mainly because being a secretary or a receptionist are considered more of womanly jobs.

While the quote "What a man can do a woman can do better" will inspire women to grab opportunities they bump on to African men will still abandon opportunities by simply considering them feminine. This job discriminatory trend and other foul mindsets have rendered several Kenyan men jobless. Some become discriminative for fear of judgement from peers while other just have the mindset naturally ingrained in them. And surely, for African men to succeed, this toxic masculinity that even threatens careers choice have to be done away with.

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