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Jobs You Can Do With A Degree In Bachelor Of Commerce

Bachelor of commerce is the most trending marketable course in the field of business. This is because it entails more about the running and management of large companies, that are in the frontline to build Kenya's economy. Comes second after agriculture,the main economic backbone. This calls for more advanced training to students , with an aim of equipping them with self employment skills as well as operating organizations. 

Requires a strong mathematical knowledge, because it is majorly concerned with calculations and estimations. Pursed in various universities in Kenya, taking four years of study. 

Here are the jobs you can do with the degree

1. Auditing 

Categorized into internal, whereby you get permanent employed by entities to check on performance against the set standards, make corrections and see if there are any improvements to be made. Then the external ones are mostly hired by public companies, say once in a year to carry out the same activity of reporting progress, how things are going on and eliminate the negatives while maintaining the positive image.

2. Financial analyst

Involves doing thorough market research on determining the profitable investment projects to go for, the risks and returns by the selected ones. This is calculated based on outflows, increments, inflows and tax. The one with highest return should be chosen. Also gives advise on capital budgeting, leverages plus costs. Analyses whether profits should be invested or shared as dividends to shareholders. 

3. Accounting

Preparing financial statements of transactions and events taking place in the daily life of the organization. These records are summarized at the end of every business year , then handed to users of accounting information ( public, customers, lenders, creditors, government, customers and managers) to make economic decisions. Plays a major role in ensuring accountability of how funds are spend, thus minimizing issues of lost money under unclear circumstances. Actually the digitalized enterprises use computers to store it's data. 

Therefore, these three are the main jobs, bearing in mind that there are others such as marketing, human resource management, insurance and procurement . They all have many things in common, hence applicable anywhere.

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