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Edgar Obare Exposes Kabi WaJesus For Allegedly Underpaying and Overworking an Employee at Bossman

YouTuber Kabi wa Jesus has been exposed by blogger Edgar Obare for allegedly overworking, underpaying and generally mistreating his employees at his new clothes business Bossman FPL.

A lady who worked as their producer for 5 days told Edgar Obare that when she complained about the working hours, they told her they'd allow her to work from 7:30 am until 6PM but get paid only 10,000 Kenyan shillings which is half of the salary.

Maureen decided to quit the job but Kabi's PA ordered her to return a laptop that she had bought through Kabi.

Kabi's PA said that the laptop was worth 90,000 and not the 58k that Maureen had sent. The PA said that they'd refund Maureen her 58k.

Maureen got suspicious and hasn't returned the laptop up-to-date. She already reported at Pangani police station since the laptop seller Jonte of Computex had told her the laptop was worth 58k.


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