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10 Highly Paying Careers in Kenya

Another of times many people have failed to understand their careers or more specifically fail to understand what they want in life. Being driven by education is a fast sign of a failing person. Let education equip you with knowledge but it's now upon you to decide what to do with it.

Career is the application of acquired knowledge from books, movies, tales or class into actual field to come up with something useful to the society. I will prefer wisdom based careers to knowledge based careers. In most cases knowledge based careers tend to fix or constrain you within specific walls thus making you unable to expand in your thinking. Such careers include; teaching, , secretary and medicine in some cases.

1. Building and construction

This is an activity that never stops. In this field new skills are developed everyday because construction of mansions and buildings has never stopped even in lockdown. Even at that very few people have done these courses to higher levels of degree, masters and Phd.

Those skills are much needed in construction of strong buildings to avoid collapsing and possible accidents before or after construction.

2. Plumbing

Largest population today is urban and these people really totally on pipped water. You can imagine a total of about 50 million kenyans who are in need of these facility. These can earn you upto 200,000 shillings per month at degree level of study and pay increases with increase in skills from masters to Phd level.

3. Surveying

People buy and sell land every day from January to December which makes surveying a lifetime job . It pays well because you can have as many clients as possible in a single day depending on your schedule.

4. Hotel and hospitality

This is a basic need that no human can do without. It is mostly advices in developed areas with high population. If you can make sales to 2,000 people in a day with each person paying about 100 shillings. That means you already have 200,000 shillings in just one day.

5. Computer science

Today life is entirely digital and everything requires a qualified personel to handle it appropriately. Most jobs are done online, we do buy and sell online and even market our items online. With these skills in computer science you can earn as much as you can in just a single day. Infant what you could have earned in a full month working under management can be earned in an easier way within a single day.

6. Journalism

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic, many news anchors and reporters salary have doubled to a higher level. This is an activity that goes own every second, collecting and broadcasting of the trending news for Kenya.

People like watching news and knowing the very current state of their economy. This is a field that can never go down in terms of market.

7. Tourism management

Tourists come in every season have fun and take photos of our rich natural resources. More specifically in our national parks and game reserves.

8. Medicine

9. Civil engineering

10. Aviation

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