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The Pain Of Seeing Your Classmates Land Big Jobs While You Remain Jobless After Graduating

It has been argued that the most difficult age of a man is between the age of 23 and 30. At this age you find yourself fighting hard to become someone in life. The pressure of seeing your age mates emerge as great people in community really gives you sleepless nights. Some manage to secure big jobs in big companies while you're almost getting tired of sending applications.

The worst part becomes when you share WhatsApp group with the same people and they begin to discuss about the wonderful trips they had, or how they've been promoted to higher positions, or how some are planning to buy big houses, or the latest car models. You feel embarrassed being in such a group but you can't left because you don't want to look desperate. You remain there anyway

While they are discussing all that, you're seated at the corner of your room wondering where rent will even come from. Skipping lunch has become common to you. Your relatives have perfected in the art of avoiding you. You think life has lost meaning to you. The worst thing most does at this point starting drugs and alcohol.

Life becomes more of surviving than living. You mind can't even think about relationships. You wonder who will you be concentrating on, between you and your significant other. You can think of relationships if only you're prepared for heartbreak of seeing your significant other sleep with other successful guys.

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