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Employment and Entrepreneurship are Pathways to Wealth-Opinion

Thinking big,Trusting oneself and following through to make things happen are traits that every being should possess for success in life.

Entrepreneurship is touted to be a better way to creating wealth faster, but unfortunately not everyone can identify problems in the society and provide solutions for them.

It is common knowledge that entrepreneurs hold the major plan and are responsible for all decisions made and resulting impacts thereof.

It is imperative that whether employment or entrepreneurship, the risks taken and the decisions make about the money earned determines ones financial life path. The choice of path adopted depends mainly on ones mindset, life habits. Therefore, some people thrive as employee while others succeed as entrepreneurs.

Success in wealth creation through careers or businesses require dedication, couching, mentorship and networks.

In a broader sense of work life, employees seek direction as they executive tasks while entrepreneurs create a path by giving a plan for the societal problem to be solved and create a productive work environment.

Without entrepreneurship there would be fewer gains in the standards of living, likewise, lack of specialist and other employee must be there to execute plans and innovations.

To sum up, financial freedom for wealth creation is all about having the flexibility to make the most out of your work-life with little reliance on paychecks. This is only achievable through looking around for opportunities that can generate for us income and proper management of the available resources.

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