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Good News to Unemployed Graduates After the Government Announces Opportunities For Them

The government through the Ministry of Agriculture is requesting all graduates who have not been employed to apply for a funding and training program which is set to be offered through the government's Enable Programme. According to the Ministry, all the unemployed applicants are only eligible to apply for it if they posses a diploma or a degree certificate.[Photo Courtesy]

Additionally, the program is being founded by the the Government of Kenya in partnership with the African Development Bank and only implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture. Those who will qualify for the Enable Programme will be funded by the government and at the same time receive training to progress in their agribusiness.

The program is expected to be implemented using an incubation model for agricultural entrepreneurship which entails training, mentoring, coaching and financing successful youths candidate. The applications will be done online trough ENABLE website and here are some of the requirements.

1.Must be a Kenyan citizen with a National Identification Card and aged between 18 years to 35 years.

2. Shoul be a holder of a degree or certificate from recognized institution in any field of study.

3. Shall be required to suit a PIN number from the Kenya Revenue Authority. These are just a few requirements but you can find the list of all requirements from the ENABLE website where they will give directions on the way forward.

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