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Do Successful People love Reading Books?

Yes, its generally true.

Most successful people are successful because they persisted and did hard word. It might appear to the casual observer that mere luck or fortune made them successful but that’s very rare. Even in industries which are often accused of nepotism and favoritism (such as film industry), its not easy to succeed unless you have some real talent. And good talent almost always accompanies a highly intellectual mind which also reads a lot. In fact, reading (or studying) is one of the commonest ways of acquiring and sharpening a skill/talent.

For some crafts, the importance of reading is pretty obvious (like screen or story writing, dialogue writing, computer science, mechanical engineering, etc.). But even in other crafts which might appear “too practical” at a glance, reading can become a great allied skill. For example, you don’t need to study musical theory if you have a gifted voice like that of Sonu Nigam or Lata Mangeshkar but you can still learn a lot by reading about how vocal cords interact, how musical tunes can be codified in the form of notes, etc. You never know when these “allied skills” come useful in your career!

Apart from this essential reading which directly helps your career or skills, there is also general reading which you do just for fun/entertainment or even to nourish your intellectual/philosophical sense. Novel reading was a very popular thing once long before we started getting addicted to movies and Youtube videos! Then there are all kinds of non-fiction books you can read related to stuff like self-help and psychology, health and well being, household finance, etc.

In fact, once you start reading books, you’ll start wondering how can people exist in this world without reading! What I personally believe is that one who reads a lot and appreciates the importance of knowledge and intellect is already a successful person in his/her own right!

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