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"Ogopa Wakenya"- Internet Erupts as Man is Finally Busted After Many Days of Pretending to be a Lady


Kenyans never disappoint as they will always do anything to secure a job. Since the onset of the corona virus pandemic in Kenya, there have been many people who have been jobless as the economy has been going down. Many people have been living in hardship finding it hard to pay their rent dues and something to eat. This has been very difficult for some people who have been leading miserable lifestyle because they don't have an option but just to accept conditions as they are. As a result, there are some others who have tried other means of survival to help their families at such difficult times.

The internet has erupted as a man who has been pretending to be a lady is finally busted.The video of the man who had made his hair perfectly like a lady in order to get a job as a house wife has attracted more concerns from Kenyans. The guy has been a house wife for sometime till the day when the odds went against him. The video has surfaced online courtesy of OMG Voice Kenya. While looking closely to the guy, one could comfortably say that he is a lady because the hairstyle and facial expression clearly pointed out feminine characteristics.


Click the link below to watch how the man was busted.

Kenyans on social media have expressed different reactions towards the man as some people questioned out how the man was caught. There were many hilarious reactions towards the incident as Kenyans argued that the guy must be a legend who knows how to survive at such hard times.


This should be a lesson to many Kenyans who engage in bad activities without being noticed and be warned that their day is coming.

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