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A College Students Story On How He went From Penniless To A Fulltime Job In Copywriting

I grew up in a rough neighborhood in South London. Most kids I knew ended up dealing drugs or in prison. For me, going to university was the goal. It was success. I’d be the first man in my family to do so.

The day I got in was a huge achievement. I believed this would set me up to go into banking. Throughout my summer, I took placements in banks. I quickly realized that my dream wasn’t what I’d 1st thought. I HATED the corporate world I’d be looking forward to.

I went back to my studies demotivated. The dream I wanted wasn’t what I wanted in life. I was now in my final year, broke & completely lost. I could barely pay my bills. I had no idea what to do with my life.

While on placement at an accountancy company I was asked to write some copy for their website. It wasn’t something I was there to do, but I agreed anyway. They were extremely happy with the results. So happy that they referred me to another client.  

I’d always enjoyed writing, but never thought about copywriting. The second business I wrote for were also extremely happy. They went on to refer me too. Before I knew it, I’d set up a side business around my studies.

I continued balancing my studies and business using what I’d made to pay for my bills & other costs. I was soon making more money than friends in grad jobs. But unlike them, I had the freedom to work when & where I wanted.

After graduating I went home & told my family about my business. Literally everyone asked the same thing. “Isn’t that risky”. Most told me to get a real job. They didn’t understand. In hindsight, they were just looking out for me. They didn’t understand my vision but it didn’t matter. I soon moved out and began doubling down on my business. I hired a PA & began creating a small team. I also increased my outreach.

I was now making a full-time income for myself without ever needing to go to the office. I even spent some time travelling around Europe. Planned Asia too, but that was stopped by COVID. Hopefully going later this year.

If you’re reading this, remember that a broke kid from a poor neighbourhood in London built a digital business without any connections. If I can do it, so can you. Keep working, even if you think the world is against you. It will pay off.

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