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Do the following things if you want to become rich and escape poverty

Poverty is the state of lacking essential basic needs like food, shelter and clothing. Many people accross the world come from poor backgrounds but strive everyday to make ends meet inorder to escape poverty. Many great millionares have publicly confessed that most of their handwork and success was motivated by poverty in the family during their childhood.

There are some of the tips that one must follow in order to become rich and escape being poor. One of the main step anybody must take to become rich is associating themselves with already rich and wealthy people inorder to know how they made it. From the saying that experience is the best teacher, asking direction from those who have made it will equip one with skills on how to pursue their dreams.

The other thing one must consider is the type of woman or man they are getting married to. One should marry an ambitious partner and one who is full of ideas on how to develop themselves inorder to grow together. Many people have continued to be poor even at their adulthood because of the partners they choose for themselves.

One should also start by exploiting all small job opportunities without discriminating any as this enables one to get experience. Many University graduates end up being broke for being choicy and only wanting white collar jobs which are few and competitive.

The last point on how one can become rich is by changing their mentality towards wealth. Some people believe that for one to become rich they must be corrupt or steal from the government or certain companies.

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