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Business Ideas For The Youth

Statistics shows that over 70% of youths in Kenya are jobless. This percentage is widely comprised of fresh graduates from universities and colleges and form four leavers.

Some of these young men have great business ideas in mind but they lack capital but some only lack motivation. In this article, I want to give you some of key issues that you should consider as a youth and in conjunction with that, I am going to give you ideas of fine businesses that you can join and start earning your cash.

Every big business starts with a single step. The first step to make in every business is imagination. Remember it's free to imagine. Try to build a reasonable castle in the air about a business you want to start and work tirelessly towards your dreamt idea.

As I have mentioned above, some people find it difficult to start a business because of lack of capital. How do you go about this issue? Very simple. What you need to do is to start with a business that requires a small investment then use it to raise enough capital for your main potential business in mind.

You may wonder the types of business that will require small investment to start as a youth as you raise enough money to start other big businesses but don't worry, I'll give you some beautiful business ideas that will require you to start with a very little investment amount.

1. Chichen Rearing

Chichen rearing has become one of the profitable businesses in the country. What you only need is a mere investment of around Ksh. 2000 to start.

It's good to buy local chicks which goes for around Ksh. 100 each then rear them for around 5-7 months after which you can sell the Cocks and leave the hens to hatch more chicks. It's also advisable to sell the hens after they have hatched the chicks since they would be out of market when they age.

Ensure to give your chickens medication so as to avoid the losses that may come due to death. Poultry feeds is also of good significance as they would enable your chickens to grow stronger and faster.

2. Writing Articles

This one doesn't require any amount of money for you to start. All you need to do is to identify different blogging sites and register for free to start writing and earning. Remember you don't need any experience in writing for you to be able to join these platforms. All you need is to identify your area of interest and begin.

3. Starting a YouTube Channel

This one will depend on your level of creativity. A lot of people have realised how to earn with YouTube hence we have a lot of content creators. Therefore, for you to be successful in this field, you need to come up with something different.

4. Selling Accessories

Phone accessories such as earphones, earbuds, headphones, USB cables, chargers, phone covers, batteries, screen protectors as well as other accessories such as jackpin among others are currently on demand.

To start this business in small scale, you can identify the wholesale where you can get these items and start with a minimum capital of sh. 5,000. Remember you need not to have a shop inorder to start this business. You can maximize the use of social media platforms to market your items.

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