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Kenyans in Tears As Their February Salary 'Disappear' From Their Accounts For This Reason

Some Kenyans are nursing financial injuries and staring at a hard month of March after their February salaries disappeared from their bank accounts.

Some Kenyans have alleged that their last month salaries and even their savings have gone missing from their accounts after their respect banks started going after those who had borrowed loans.

Apart from those whose salaries and savings have been disappeared from their personal accounts, others have been left with a negative balance, and indication an amount steaming in will also be taken away, including the next salary.

People Daily Newspaper this Tuesday reports that banks started going after those with loans after their Covid-19 wairs period put in place by the Central Bank of Kenya came to an end.

However, some victims are saying they are still being paid a reduced amount of salary due to Covid-19 effects, but their banks are not willing to collect their loans in smaller bits.

We understand some companies that cut their employees' salaries due to the Covid-19 pandemic are yet to restore the same back to the previous amounts, meaning those with loans are supposed to pay as they signed the terms when the amount had not been reduced.

“When I went to negotiate for friendly terms last year, the bank agreed to put on hold my payments, but right now my account is in the negative. I don’t have any money now,” said the customer who did not want to be identified.

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