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Business Management analysis

3 things in the world that makes employees to stay

Most of the world's population are employed, employees and employers both should read this article.things that makes employees to stay globally.

paid well

Every employee needs to be paid well to meet his or her daily basics.when an employee receive good payments they can relax and be more productive.


When an employee is trusted for example if they can be given a company property to take care of,this can make them feel trusted and loved by the company or an organization, this can make the employee to be more discipline and more productive.


Most of the employees want to be appreciated for their contribution in the company regardless of how little. When you appreciate your employees,this raises their level of confidence, even if you just say"thank you" this is very important, it makes them feel involved in the process of improving the company or an organization. Let us know what you think about this in the comments.

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