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Why should youths embrace English and Kiswahili to bring about the needed change

A lot of Kenyan youths are unemployed not because they aren't learned,but because of corruption ,tribalism and rotten government system. I think that youths should embrace politics and start making a change starting with our government system. Youths should stop voting for the same people and start choosing leaders that will bring a change to our society. Tribalism is the main problem, what if every youth gave their kids English names, so the kids don't get to know which tribe they are from? I am not saying that we should forget about our culture as Kenyans no way ,Kenyan culture is rich and I love all cultures from every tribe because its the definition of our origin.

What if each parent taught their kids English and Kiswahili so that we only have two main national languages used for communication in our country?Then there will be no tribalism and corruption is minimized. I think that these acts will allow the young generation to live happily and vote without having to think of where he/she comes from but choose a good leader instead, then our economy will heal. What do I mean by not choosing the same leader? I mean those who keep appearing every time there's an election ,persuade people to vote for them and gives false hope and promises.

Let's start choosing and embracing change. How about we elect someone who we know from their action will help our economy? Youths let's make our country become the best start choosing you because I am choosing me .Its time those old people who are not learned in the government offices who have refused to retire, pave ways for the young generation to occupy those offices because a lot of the youths are learned and stranded.

It is time to stop them from replacing their unlearned relatives to occupy the job because there are many of us who qualify to get jobs but are hindered by selfish individual who think that you are not their tribe mate so you don't qualify. What do you think about my idea?

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