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How University Students Are Encouraging Self Employment

Many students around major universities are opening up their own businesses to reduce over reliance reliance on their parents.

The following are types of businesses that University students involves themselves in.

1.Hotels, Cafes and restaurants.

Businesses that involves selling food has high regard from students. Food is a basic need for everyone. Therefore, many students have sought to open up hotels in various places around and even inside the university. This type of business attracts a lot of people thus source of money to the owners.

2.Saloons and Kinyozi.

Saloons are majorly run by ladies and Kinyozi by men. This kind of businesses have proved to be shrewd to those who run them.Those who open them tries to attract students to come for their services ie shaving and braiding hair.


Some students are talented in making chairs, beds, shoe racks, and reading tables.When they sell these products they earn a lot of money.

4.Shoe repair.

This works well around university, since many students sought to repair their shoes than buying new ones.This has promoted those involved in terms of money.

5.Gas refilling business.

This is among the most popular businesses that most students engage in. Since many university students use gas in cooking.

6.Shoes and Clothe selling.

Most of university students tends to embrace fashionable life. Therefore, those who opens up this kinds of business are sure of a ready market from the students.

7.Hawking i.e chips and egg selling.

Many students sought to engage in hawking chips and boiled eggs. This has high reputation and demand from students who loves ready made food.

8.Cyber, Video shops and photoshop.

Cybers are meant in printing academic materials, video shops involves in selling movies and series to students and photoshop to produce attractive photos.

9.Video show and PES.

Videos provides entertainment to many students in form of movies and football.

PES attracts the students who loves playing video games.

10.Mpesa agents.

Some students opens up mpesa agents to serve ever transacting university students. This generates a lot of money for these students.

All in all university students are great innovators and are using all means to make money while at school.

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