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If You Really Want That Job: What's The Best Way To Go, What Should You Do Differently?

As much as job searching is very challenging and cumbersome, everyone desire to secure their dream job. While some are looking for professional jobs, others are forced by situations to take anything as long as it brings food on the table. People have different perspectives and aims when it comes to job searching but the question remains the same, how to achieve that?

Most believe it's a resume (CV), a very revamped one, that will help them land to their dream jobs. However, it's not a resume that matters most, everyone has a resume and this shows high rate of competition. The truth is many resumes go to the rejection pile unread no matter how appealing they are. So, what should be done differently?


What you need to do is network. Get to know people who happen to be in your industry through career platforms such as LinkedIn. Send them connection requests, participate in their posts and ask them for job referrals through direct messages. Don't be afraid to ask them if there are any suitable vacancies in their companies. You can even go an extra mile of calling someone in Human Resource sector to ask them of a job vacancy. Build a mutual relationship with them. Remember 80% of all jobs are filled via networking.

Other important steps

1. Have a list of the targeted companies.

2. Study and read about their industry.

3. Connect with professionals in these companies.

4. Follow their social pages for vacancy updates.

Lastly, keep knocking every door. You will be rejected but don't take it personally, be positive and resilient. It's not how many no's you get that matter but that one "YES", so keep going. It's just a matter of time and the right door will surely open for you.

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