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Photography is a Well Paying Career that No Kenyan Should Ever Dismiss

Have you ever considered opening up a Photo Studio or pursuing a career in photography but have no idea if it would be worth it? In this article, I'll give you an overview on how photography pays and why you shouldn't abandon the dream of becoming a photographer or opening up a studio.

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Beginning a career in photography is one of the most difficult and demanding steps for any career adventure. But once you are settled , you'll definitely reap well from your prior investments. If you are still not in a position to purchase your own equipments, you can hire a camera when you have a job . You can as well work for a photography studio or company until you save enough to purchase the most important of all needs, a standard quality camera. In hiring and working for a company, you'll get more insights from experts that would help you finesse your experience.

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You don't need a studio immediately you purchase a camera, you can make yourself available for events and even invite yourself if you are not invited. But it is good to first find out if your self-invitation is welcomed lest you are thrown out. Never take any events you attend lightly because from there you'll get connections to other appointments, other events and even photography contracts. Just make sure you take good photos, that would fascinate your fast time clients. Once you save enough, you can now open up a studio add and upgrade your equipments, beginning with the best quality camera you can afford.

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Amateur photographers charge from as low as 50 shilling for a completely edited photo. While they grow and eventually open up their studios, most of them charge at least 100 shillings for a single photo, whether edited or not. In the studio, photographers will also add some other related businesses such as make-up, classy stands and toys which are paid for to make clients' photos classic.

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Marketing photography is not that difficult, especially when you do it on social media. In most cases, social media algorithms favour high quality contents. This means works of photography will definitely be favoured by these algorithms, hence high impression rate. Every single beautiful post would introduce the photographer to new audiences and clients. Most middle class photo studios in Nairobi charge an average of 200 shillings per photo. At least 10 photos a day will give them 2,000 shillings which would translate to 60,000 a month or more if they work 7 days a week. Think about it.

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So, if you have a passion for photography, please go for it, you won't be disappointed. Please share this with anyone looking up to beginning a career in photography. Thank you for reading.

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