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Top 4 Best Online Jobs that Pay Via Mpesa In 2021.

One of the major concerns by people who work online is the mode of payment and assurance that the cash will be availed safely.

However, venturing into these jobs guarantees a consistent flow of cash into your wallet.

Digital Marketing Consultant

The work of digital marketing consultants is to help people who own online platforms earn through them.

It ranges from social media, Youtube, Email marketing, and other digital marketing platforms.

The skills can be acquired online through self-training or mentorship by experienced persons.

Content Writing

Probably the current goldmine in Kenya at the moment due to the high demand for content writers, which ranges from individual website owners to content writers for massive firms.

Hone your writing skills today and deliver well-researched content that's error-proof, free from plagiarism.

Voice over Artist

A voice-over artist uses their voice as a tool of trading.

Companies of high caliber like Telecommunication companies contract these artists to sell their products through promo videos and trailers.

All you need to get started is a mash-up of creativity and an exemplary voice.

Online Marketing Influencer

How many followers do you have on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook? Turn the massive following you have into a money-making venture.

Companies will use your online platform to sell their products. All they need is your endorsement as they are willing to part with a few dollars.

Which online platform are you earning from today? Share your comments.

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