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These Are The Phrases To Use When You Are Writing A Job Application Letter

Whenever you see an advertisement for a job post and you feel like it suits you well, the next step is usually to apply for the job and try your luck. Most organization will ask for a resume and a cover letter that defines who you are and gives the organization an overview of your skills and capabilities.

Application or cover letters are meant to be written in a formal language because you are trying to convince professionals to give you a chance to work for them.

Finding the right words to use in the letter can be hard especially if you have no clue which format you should use.

Examples of phrases to use while writing a cover letter include:

I noted with interest your advertisement for a job opening. Then proceed to explain the job title.

Note: You should avoid self praise when applying for the job. You should however give your achievements that make you a suitable candidate for the position.

Below is a sample of phrases to use in different sections of a cover letter.

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