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How to become a millionaire while young in Kenya

Get rich or die trying, is what keeps me moving before I become a millionaire at 28. Another thing that's keep me motivated is because I don't want to turn 30 with no job, no investment, no savings and no option to retire.

Now that am 25 for sure by 28 I will be a millionaire. My friends are very curious to know how come am that successful. Today I have decided to share 10 habits that will make me a millionaire in the next few years.

It is very easy to be rich in your 20s because you are strong and no one depending on you.

The following are 7 money rules I used to reach my target.

1. Know your place and work hard.

Working hard requires no special skills. When a job is available don't give excused to evade some job, whichever job that you come across with take it without thinking what other people will say about it.

If you are in a job that pay on commission, why don't you work extra time to earn that extra coin on top while your colleagues are busy doing other things that don't pay. I usually work for extra time during the evening and early in the morning.

2. Invest in the right career.

The greatest asset you have is your brain, even after your college do that research on the Internet learn more about that course. With the Internet you can learn almost everything for free.

After my college I started learning on almost every finance-related jobs and at the same time working full time and had a part-time night shift job.

3. Support network.

By strong support network is simply knowing people who can help you build your career, let them know you and the things you can do. Your age mates friends will not help you. Build yourself a career support network.

When I got employed at the supermarket I used to take the manager for coffee on weekends and build a strong relationship, after a few months I was promoted to be an assistant manager in that supermarket.

4. Simple lifestyle.

Young people wast money on the thing they do not need just to show off to their friends and post on social media. Once you become rich live a low-key lifestyle.

It is not bad to be young and poor, live in a simple house. Don't buy new clothes you don't need, forget eating out frequently and avoid spending much of your money on luxurious lifestyle. Keep your wealth net worth to yourself, do not go telling people you can afford to buy the latest sports cat in town, keep a low profile.

5. Have side hustles.

While still at in your full/part-time job you can always start a side hustle, the side hustle might turn out to be earning more than your full time job.

When I was still working at the supermarket, I started a side hustle is selling coffee and snacks during the evening late hours. By that time my full time job generated ksh15,000 monthly and when I did my calculation the side hustle was generating Ksh 20,000monthly. I did not take quick action to quit my job. I worked until I had my capital to start my own business, that time I was 22 years.

6. Save and invest.

Never spend more than you earn, most people tend to spend proportional to their earning leaving them with nothing to save nor invest. When your salary is increased never be quick to raise your living standard, instead increase your investment if you want to reach that millionaire status.

7. Learn from your past and move one.

Mistakes should not change your millionaire goal. Once you make an investment mistake don't discriminate yourself on decision-making or else this will paralyze you from making other decisions.

After you make a mistake accept it and swallow it. This will help you to make a wise decision that will make you successful. I also made pitiful mistakes along the way.

In a nutshell all your financial progress should be in a good record, so that you are able to track all your money.

These tips should help you in attaining your millionaire goal. Make sure you are a good manager of your money, it is better to have no friends in your 20s and become a millionaire in your 30s.

Content created and supplied by: [email protected]_Pytah_pk (via Opera News )



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