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How To Become a Licensed Gun Owner in Kenya

Hand guns in Kenya are owned by police, politicians, wealthy and criminal erements. Due to insecurity some people want to own guns so that they can protect themselves and their families.picture courtesy

Hands guns go for 100k-300k while short gun cost 150k- 350k. They can be purchased at gun dealer shop who are licensed to sell guns.


1. Be 21 years and above.

2. Be in good mental and physical health.

3. Be well trained in handling firearms.

4. Have no criminal record.picture courtesy

Procedure of becoming a licensed Gunner owner

1. Application to the firearms bureau.

You're given a form to fill with personal details. The firearms bureau is located in Nairobi station off Mandera road. The form should be filled with accurate data failure to do so may result to denial of the license.

2. Application for a certificate of a good conduct or a clearance form.

After filling the form, next is to visit DCI where finger prints will be taken. A fee of 1050 will be required. And the certificate will be ready after two weeks.

3. Submission of application form.

When the clearance form proves no criminal record, Submit the clearance form to the nearest politice station with the application fee of 2,000. You will be required to attach a photo copy of your ID, doctor's certificate proving sound mental and physical health, certificate of good conduct, Firearm handling certificate to you are well trained in handling the gun.

4. Review the application.

The application will be reviewed by National intelligence service and then vetted by the firearms bureau. The should justify your reason to own a gun wether is genuine or not.And then your name is forwarded to the inspector general.

5. Clearance by the inspector general.

The IG is the one who has the final say whether to approve or say no.

6.Of the license.

After the approval from the inspector general the chief licensing officer issues the license. The license is valid for a year and should be renewed annually. Failure to renew you're fined ksh.500 per day or a sentence not more than 2 years.picture courtesy

A civilian can be allowed to have more than one firearm. Ak 47, G3, MP5 and any other military firearms are not issued to the civilians.picture courtesysource

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