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Why You Won't Be Rich

Have you ever felt like you'll never make it in your lovely life?

No. It's always about positivity, you keep telling yourself "I can do this," or "things will get better over time." It's not just you, in fact, society as whole has been teaching us to stay optimistic at all times.

The truth is that we all cling on that very idea, and mind less about the consequences. However, there's nothing wrong with that. But can you for a moment think how many people are relatively successful despite there junk words allover success.

They grow old singing similar song, so what's my point here?

The Missing Ingredients to Become Successful

From a research conducted by Havard Business, we found out that 6.353 billion people never actually have goals, while 1.071 billion people have goals in there mind but unwritten, then 229 million people have well written and executed goals.

And that's why motivation comes in, for you to become highly successful you need to have two important things in your life, a goal and motivation (or focus). In fact, these are the secrets behind successful persons. Like in a conference, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates met and became firends just because they stopped at one answer. The question? 'What makes a man successful?'

The answer? "Focus," both answered. Kick that out, and you'll have yourself to blame why you never become successful.

What to do to Become Successful

Becoming prosperous requires a huge undertaking. There's a lot of thinking to get along with, and wisdom is not much far from it. The common mistake most of us make is we barely remember less about the basic principles of becoming success and focus on the outcome.

That's entirely the trap we get into. We see ourselves successful to a point we get drunk at it. To an extent, we procrastinate with a thinking in mind that time is on us, while it's not. Those visuals you create in mind can kill your success without realizing.

But if you can understand the basic truth of how success starts and built all along then you can earn as much as you imagine.

First of all, you need to understand what works and what doesn't, then pick what works, trash what doesn't. From there, I believe success is your thing.

Until this far, I have given you entirely what it takes to be picked as successful and rich. So start doing what's right for you. And remember make no mistake to doubt this because there's no better way stripping off the impossible. Good luck.

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