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Are You a Jobless Kenyan Youth, This Is What You Can Venture Into And Change Your Life Story

Kenya as a country is one of the contributer of the African outgrowing population of jobless youths with an estimate of close to half the population being jobless. With the pandemic hitting hard, the population even increased further with more youths languishing into depression and crime. The government has always been at the centre of criticism for lack of jobs to our Kenyan youths. According to statistics, the larger population of university and college graduates finds no job after the completion of their studies. Within the graduates, just a few number will look for jobs outside their scope of studies and few are willing to do manual jobs that are totally different from what they studied at the university and college.

The main reason as to why Kenyan youths are languishing in depression and crime due to lack of job has been explained. On an interview on one of the TV station today, Kenyan youths, fail to prioritize agriculture as one of the key area to forcus on to meet their next stage of success post academic stage. According to one of the agricultural specialist, the youths takd the agricultural sector as a dirty and outdated business which should be carried out by uneducated people in the villages. Agriculture is ome of the booming business adventure that alot of people has found success in an one of the cheapest to start. Are you a Kenyan youth? Do you still hold the opinion that agriculture isn't for you? At you still waiting for the right job that you studied four years in campus? This information should be important to you.

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