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Read This If You Have Gone From Successful To Stuck In Your Business And In Life

It happens to the best:History is littered with examples of companies mishandling their success. One key example was Apple in the late 90s. They became so bloated they nearly disappeared. Luckily they recovered.

But why did this happen to you?

Part 1: Your success:

At some point, your self-performance was on point. You had:

• Clear goals

• Clear targets

• Clear vision

And you acted each day to make them all come true. You created success, but ..

Part 2: Opportunities:

Success leads to opportunities. This can be a good thing. But often, with too many options, you lose sight of your original plans and goals. You take on opportunities that don’t fully align with you. Not all opportunities are good opportunities.

Part 3: Stretched thin:

Too many options and opportunities lead to your efforts and energy being stretched thin. You end up wondering where it all went wrong. You have so much on you are not sure which direction to take. Often, you procrastinate and take no action.

Part 4: Stuck and failing:

Your confused efforts undermine the clarity that led to our success in the first place. Leaving you stuck, failing, and overwhelmed. Lost in a sea of confusion, you realize you must take action before your business hits rocks and sinks.

The way out:

Remember Steve Jobs? When he returned to Apple in 1997, he cut over 70% of the company's product line. They were stretched too thin. You need to do the same. You need to get back to the clarity you had. You need to align with your big vision for your business.

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