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3 Ways You Can Make Some Money as You Wait for Employment After Finishing Your Course

Nowadays, it is not easy to secure a job even after finishing your training and having all the necessary documents. Most people have been discouraged by the current system where employment is believed to be available only for the few ones who have connections, many students have graduated with excellent grades but have not yet been employed.

The reduced rate of employment is somehow understandable, there are many students graduating every year but few people going for retirement. In order for you to survive after graduating from a University or a college, you need to be open minded and think outside the box. Explore other ways through which you can earn a living even without being employed for your profession.

After finishing my bachelor's degree course in 2019 in one of the Universities here in Kenya, I did not manage to secure a job in my career but I can say that I was doing wll even being unemployed. I ventured into various activities to earn a living and I became successful, I can take good care of my family and school my kid too.

Today I thought it wise to share my ideas with other people who have also finished their courses and finding it difficult to survive because of limited employment opportunities.

These 3 ideas include:

1. Rearing chicken (broilers or layers)

This is one of the most lucrative investments you can ever think of as you're waiting to be employed. Commercial chicken rearing is not very expensive and I think that one can be able to raise some little cash to establish the business.

If you chose to go for this business, you'll need around 50 chicks for a start which may cost you around Kshs5000. Another things you'll need include the feeds and medications for the first 6 weeks before you can make any income from the chickens, that may cost you around 25,000/= for a stock of 50 chicks. You can make a simple house for the start to keep your chicks.

After about 6 weeks, they'll have matured and you can start earning from your business. Personally I prefer layers, eggs are very easy to market and does not need you to have supply connections like in broilers.

2. Rearing rabbits.

This is also another cheap and simple investment you can establish to earn you some money after your graduation as you wait for employment. Most of you know rabbits so there's no need to explain much about rabbits. The most important thing note is that there are different breeds for commercial keeping which almost all are good and have big profits.

You can choose any commercial breed but ensure you buy both the male annd female. You can even start with 8 females and 2 males that will cost you around Kshs 15,000. Feeding rabbits is not expensive like in chicken, you can feed them on chicken leftovers, grass and some weeds. You'll also need a room to keep them.

Rabbits give birth very quickly producing between 8-12 young ones per each rabbit. After about a year you'll have more rabbits which you can sell at about Kshs1500-2,000 per rabbit.

3. Commercial pig rearing

Pigs are more like rabbits, feeding them is very cheap just like in rabbits and they also do not require much attention. The only difference from rabbit rearing is that for pigs, you'll need a bigger and a stronger building. You can also start with about 4 females and 1 male which may cost you around Kshs 20,000. Pigs also reproduce very first with one giving birth to between 9-14 piglets. After 18 months you may have a bout 50pigs wich you can sell at Kshs 4000 each.

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