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Good News To All Kenyans After Auditor General Announces More Than 150 jobs, Apply Before Deadline

Money is everything nowadays. Somebody cannot afford to buy basic needs such as food, clothes and shelter without having a single cent. Many youths are struggling everyday in different fields like in businesses of farming.

On the other hand, other young youths are using shortcuts to make money. They normally engage in different crimes and steal from innocent people. These cases should be condemned and all suspects should be arrested and jailed.

Furthermore, nowadays you must be literate if you want to secure a good paying job in our country. This is because many employers needs trained personnel who have sufficient skills.

Accordingly from the source, more than 150 jobs vacancies have been announced by office of Auditor General. These are good news to more than 100 kenyans who are jobless. Those who will qualify will be paid and help their families. All applicants are supposed to apply online before 25th, March

Look the screenshot of the jobs vacancies

This happens after many families have been affected by covid-19 in our country. Some families are lacking basic needs such as food clothes and shelter.

Try your lack and you can qualify. Also inform your friends and relatives about these jobs

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