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Job Opportunities for Kenyans

Central role in the transition to green economy: agriculture, forestry, fishing, energy, resource-intensive manufacturing recycling, building and transport. Transforming work in these sectors should play a major part in enabling the achievement of the SDGs, especially in the eradication of poverty through social inclusion.

Further, building a climate-ready adaptation society is an urgent matter that cannot be postponed. Many factors contribute to the pursued of increasing climate resilience. Amongst other issues, having the relevant policies and institutional framework is essential for addressing the multiple challenges of climate change adaptation and reducing the vulnerability of people and ecosystems to climate change.

For too long, Kenya has largely depended on bench marking from other sector in the world on best practices. This has highly contributed to the country lagging behind of having to hire costly consultants to lead in implementing projects.

Maybe this is Kenya's economic growth is insufficient to create the necessary employment opportunities for growing young population. Where is benchmarking is good, it only gives us an opportunity to learn later instead of leading the park with innovation

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