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Have you been invited for an interview? Here are the technical questions and answers

Interviews are usually used to select a suitable candidate for a given job. They use it to assess your skills level, how you process information and your level of reasoning.

Interview questions consist of brainteasers, problems solving questions and even proficiency tests. The questions can be categorised into; about your behaviour, some situations which you may be into, your education, knowledge and experience.

When answering behaviour interview questions it's best you use the the situation, task, action and result commonly referred to as the STAR interview technique. Some of the questions here may include some projects you have done, role and responsibilities on previous work and if you work alone or with a team.

In situation interviews they want to see how you will be able to solve a problem which they are likely to give you a hypothetical situation and wait for you to respond with the way you could handle that problem. Some of the questions may include how to deal with other co-workers and how to do some tasks which you aren't sure.

Education and experience interview questions mostly will deal with your education background and they could like to know your skills, certifications, training which you may have undertaken. While experience will deal with your past job what you achieved there. Some of the questions may include how your education maybe relevant to the job, how you are updated on the new things which happen on the job market and even the certificates which you have.

If you know all these you are likely to prepare well for a given interview.

Have you been in an interview? What was the experience like? Comment below.

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