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Everything You Didn’t know About Career Development

Everything You Didn’t know About Career Development

Career Development defined

Career development is the procedure of selecting a profession, refining your abilities, and progressing on a career pathway. It's a lifetime route of education and making decisions that gets you nearer to your best job, best level of skills and standard of life.

Explaining Career Development

The process of self-discovery, self-examination and decision making that moulds your career is what is known as career development. You will need to choose jobs that suit your skills, interests and personality.

Paying good attention to your career development you will be able to identify weaknesses, strengths and try your best to improve on them. Being knowledgeable on industries and different roles and matching the roles to their abilities, finding chances to move ahead and also not being afraid to change careers if you find one that suits you better.

How it works

Development of your career starts at a very young age. Seeing how people make a living. That’s a part of human development and it can take a whole lifetime. Just like how when a child notices that people are postmen, doctors or fire-fighters, this is the start of the process. It goes on throughout their young life all through school when they start to decide which occupations they like and much later when they are grownups they decide what career they would like to pursue.

Development of career is not complete when you have decide on an occupation. You should then train and be educated, find employment and move up in your career. Some people even change careers and their jobs at least once during their lives. Most people will look for expert advice when they want to make decisions on their careers, whether changing careers or looking for a new job.

What influences career development

Someone’s career can be affected by issues that are even outside of their control. These issues must be taken into account while developing a career.

Personal FeaturesCharacter type, interests, abilities, and job-related ideals make us who we are. These individual features play an important role in career development since they impact which jobs we find fulfilling, as well as the sorts of work settings in which we will flourish. Which is why self-assessment is important when in the process of choosing a career because it helps you learn about yourself.   



Financial Resources

It can be costly to pursue some careers. You may need to pay student loans and seek financial aid. These financial constraints can even derail you when job searching because you may not be able to afford adequate clothing for the interview and may look unprofessional. Some organizations however, collect donations and distribute to job seekers to find appropriate attire.

Financial Commitments:

Financial commitments like rent, house repayments and child’s fees can stop a person form changing occupations or changing jobs. You should save some money and to use later when you might decide to switch careers. A change in lifestyle can also free up more funds to pursue a change in career for example moving into a smaller home.


Mental and Physical Impairments: Due to some peoples mental and physical abilities some people are more suited to particular careers than others. You could wish to become a doctor but your academic record is not strong enough in the sciences.

Age: some people are age conscious and may feel too old or too young to pursue a specific career. You shouldn’t worry about this. Just focus on your skills and stay motivated.

Family Responsibilities: sometimes a person may have responsibility of taking care of old parents or children and their career may stall due to this. Having outside services like childcare and elder care will make it easier to keep pursuing a career.


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