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Women flock to ‘Mjengo’ as Covid-19 destabilizes job market

Covid 19 has caused many effect to the economy . Life has become more difficult ,due most families can not afford their needs. Most families are suffering ,no food and money to cater there living standards

The pandemic has destabilised job markets. Most people have lost their jobs others are working without payment at all or being paid low money that can not sustain the living standard

This has forced more women to doing hard jobs such as mjengo ,which was previously left for me. They are doing this to bring food to the table for their kids to avoid starving. Mostly this has happened in urban centers were life has become difficult .

On other side to avoid being locked out by landlord ,they do this construction work to pay rent due either their jobs are gone . Covid 19 has caused many companies to close down due they are making a lot of loses without recovering.

Also covid has caused price raise on items. To afford them you are supposed to work a bit hard . This also has forced more women to move to construction site for daily jobs . The statistics show more 1.7 million people have lost jobs since the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic.

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