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Why Are You Crying Of Joblessness? Look At What Niang Did

The world is facing numerous challenges. Covid 19 pandemic is one the challenges people are facing globally. Climate change and lack of jobs for youths are another nightmares in our daily lives. Population in Africa is increasing geometrically. This has led to oversupply of labourers. Joblessness has been also caused by inventions and innovations in the technological sector. More machines have been discovered that are replacing human resources.

It is now becoming survival for the fittest. Souadou Niang from Senegal found herself struggling in the foreign country. She moved to USA when she was just 18 years old. The main reason why she went to America is to study. She was forced to look for her own school fees. She was able to find a toilet cleaning job in a certain Hotel in America. Due to her hardworking and determination, she rise through ranks and became part of the management team in the same Hotel she was working as a toilet cleaner.

She made a bold move by saving as much as she could. After two years she went back home in Dakar Senegal. She planned to build a Hotel where she can be her own boss. Although several banks in Senegal did not believe in her dream, one bank manager did. The manager lendered her money. She build a five Star Hotel. Currently she has employed more than sixty people.

This is why youths should not cry that there is not job. They can start with little they get or have and remain focused. With time, determination and hardworking they will find themselves far.

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