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It Is Wrong When You Say "Am Looking For A Job" This Is What You Should Say

English is among the world's most spoken languages. Although it is seen to be easy by most people, it can sometimes be challenging. This is because there are different varieties of the English language and they all have different phrases that have different meanings.

Below are some common phrases and words we use regularly but we have been using them wrongly. See how they are correctly said.

1. We are used to saying "I am the last born in my family." This is incorrect and the right phrase to use is, "I am the last child in the family."

2. "Workers are wanted" is an awful phrase to use in English. Only people who have committed a crime are referred to as wanted. Workers are "needed" but not wanted.

3. "I am looking for a job" is a common phrase we use. Instead of using this phrase say "I am seeking for employment." This sounds respectful and grammatically correct.

4. "He did it by purpose." This is wrong. The correct way to say this is "he did it on purpose."

5. When shaving, say you want to have an "haircut." Avoid words like I want to "barb." This is not recognised in the English dialect.

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