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20 Things You Must Avoid in a Job Interview, or Risk Losing this Golden Opportunity

1. Avoid going to an interview without proper research on what you are going to be interviewed on.

2. Don't postpone your interview or arrive late for the interview unless you have an emergency or a very good reason for running late and have called ahead to notify or reschedule.

3. Avoid inappropriate dressing style because your dressing code.

4. Avoid fidgeting with your hair, chewing on gum, chewing on nails, constantly sniffing or coughing.

5. There is no reason for you to take your phone out during the interview so keep it out of sight to avoid distractions.

6. Avoid use of poor body language like inappropriate eye contact, bad posture and weak handshake.

7. Avoid giving unclear answers, especially when you are not sure of what you are saying.

8. Avoid repetitions when explaining yourself.

9. Never complain about your current or former employers. No matter how ineffectual or bad the situation was, badmouthing will not reflect well on you.

10. Don't come out from the interview without asking even a single question. Employers want to gauge where your interest level is at, so you should prepare some questions ahead of time.

11. Avoid lying on your CV and at the interview.

12. Avoid getting too personal because your interviewer could become your manager.

13. Don't sit down before being invited when you enter the interview room.

14. Don't appear to be the one trying to run the meeting.

15. Avoid swearing and using offensive language or gestures during the interview.

16. After ending the interview, never leave without saying thank you to your interviewer.

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